Dr Doucas gave me the time and respect needed to make me feel secure enough to entrust my daughters in his hands. I was impressed by his professionalism and the way he allayed my fears.

I must admit that I am absolutely delighted at the outcome and I cannot stop being awed by their appearances.

This weekend, Dr Doucas mended the mess that a previous doctor had made on me. He couldn't have been more thorough, more caring or more professional. The entire experience, which involved minor surgery and some unpleasant post-op implications, was made almost pleasant by Dr Doucas's demeanour and capability.

I felt completely safe in his hands and would absolutely recommend him as a Plastic Surgeon.

Wonderful doctor, wonderful practice, even better results! Best money ever spent!!! Couldn't be happier! He is a magic man with magic hands!

Thank you Dr Doucas!

The in hospital and out of hospital care received from Doctor Doucas was phenomenal.

The operation was life changing for me.

I couldn't have asked for better results. Dr Doucas gave me the natural results I so desired and I couldn't be more proud of the enhancements.

The care and attention I received from the team made the healing process a breeze. I would definitely recommend Dr Doucas to anyone who wishes to improve their confidence.

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