Date: June 2015

Source: A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine | issue 13

Dr Gabriel Doucas reports on ISAPS 2015
MBChB (UFS), FC Plastic Surgery (SA)

ISAPS stands for the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It acts as the world’s leading professional organization for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons. Importantly, it has a threefold mission statement of continually educating its members, accurately informing the public and promoting patient safety throughout the world. It has an established membership in 95 countries across the globe, where the membership requires approval according to strict guidelines related to proper training and certification of the surgeon.

The South African limb of ISAPS was held in Cape Town, Sommerset West, between the 20th to 22nd March at the picturesque Lord Charles Hotel. This highly enjoyable, educational and well-attended conference was so ably organised by Dr Peter Scott and his co-chairman Dr Ewa Siolo. During these 3 intensive days of lectures, presentations and workshops, all elements of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery are discussed.

The view of these is to revisit the old, touch on the current and try to demystify the future trends, techniques and surgeries. The strength of any such meeting is solely based on the quality of the presenters. It comes as no surprise that this year, once again, we were treated to three respected, experienced and highly sought after international speakers, namely Dr Renato Saltz, Dr Vakis Kontoes and Professor James Frame. Dr Saltz is a member of multiple associations within our field, runs two very successful practices in Utah USA, as well as having published numerous articles, chapters and books. Dr Kontoes is similarly pedigreed and practices from Greece. Professor Frame is equally impressive and practices from the United Kingdom. In addition, the national speakers from across our borders were exceptional and knowledgeable in their respective presentations.

The program went through facial aesthetics, breast surgery, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty/ body contouring and a pot-pourri of smaller topics. A tribute was made to the colleagues who performed the outstanding world-first penis transplant by Professor Graewe.

With regards to facial aesthetics, it was refreshing to note the integration of surgical and non-surgical approaches in providing our patients with the best feasible results. Local and international speakers were adamant that good aesthetics requires a holistic management of the cosmetic patient. Gone are the days were surgery alone would suffice. The patients, as well as the doctors, are demanding better improvements - and thus are using all options within their armamentarium.

Non-surgical modalities are part and parcel of any plastic surgeons arsenal, to be individualised according to client requirements. Breast surgery focused on the decade-old debate of silicone versus polyurethane implants. As with all great contests, the science, experience and practice were challenged, giving both the patients and doctors more to think about.

Body contouring has grown in our day-to-day practice. The presenters focused on the reality that more
and more patients are in need of it, and that one cannot practice in a cosmetic world where combination surgeries are not on offer. What was previously thought as “too much surgery in one sitting”, is being practiced safely (if patients, indications and surgeries are properly selected) by most plastic surgeons across the world.

In conclusion, ISAPS is the melting pot of international thinking, good practice and innovation.

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